Restored Energy Development Corporation (RESTORED) is a 100% Filipino company under the Abraham Holdings Inc.(AHI). We were established to respond to the global call to harness clean and renewable energy sources in lieu of the customary oil based fuels.


We are God's kingdom enterprise, a mustard seed sown to bear fruits that will influence industries and nations to become environment friendly and operate in righteousness.



To operate environment friendly technologies utilizing sustainable natural resources that will bear the fruit of righteous strategic partnership with customers, resource providers and other stakeholders.


To manifest God's love by being the tree that provides shelter from storms, branches to rest on and fruits of abundance to share time, treasure, talent and truth to the community.




RESTORED has the financial capability to build plants. We are self-sustaining combined with trusted affiliates which makes us technically competent. We have 4 rice husk boilers: 3 boilers plant and 1 for our sister company, Kalinisan System Laundry, Inc. for their laundry operations. RESTORED supplies 6500 kg/h of steam which can be used in bottling and manufacturing operations.

Steam Generation Plant

RESTORED's Steam Generation Plant is customizable to any customer requiring thermal energy in their operations. Utilizing Biomass-Fired Boilers, the steam produced costs less than those produced by petroleumfired boilers.

Food Grade Liquid CO2

Food-grade liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) is a product of RESTORED commonly used in carbonated beverage industries and other industrial operations. LCO2 is produced from the Steam Generation Plant of RESTORED.

High Silica Ash

Combustion of rice husk in RESTORED Steam Generation Plant yields High Silica Ash which can be used for steel, ceramics and construction because of its cementitious and pozzolanic properties.

Recycled Water

The integration of RESTORED's closed-loop Water Recycling technology, reuse and treatment of process water results to more efficient and more economical operations to reduce wastewater discharge to the environment.


RESTORED's core goal is to produce electricity from renewable sources such as biomass, solar and hydroelectric plants. With the use of these alternative sources, greenhouse gas emissions are substantially reduced, favorable microclimate is achieved and carbon sequestration is promoted. This project is under Republic Act No. 9513, otherwise known as "An Act Promoting the Development, Utilization and Commercialization of Renewable Energy Resources and For Other Purposes" for which RESTORED aims on becoming a developer of renewable energy committed to develop, construct, install, commission such facility in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and Department of Energy (DOE).

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